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Sales Team Management

Fractional Sales Management for SMBs that lack competitive sales structure, strategy, process, tactics, or results due to the unfavorable economies of scale.

Sales Process Design

A superior Proven and Repeatable Sales Process (PRSP) makes your entire team better and lessens the reliance on only a few perennial overachievers.

Sales Best Practice Audit

Benchmark your sales systems, marketing, and overall processes against best practices to identify opportunities for short and long term improvement.


How SMB address sales management to increase competitiveness
when challenged by the economies of scale.

Sales Team Management
Full Cycle Sales Management: Audit through Improved Sales Performance

The PROACT SalesQB program removes the burden of managing the sales team from the Small-Medium Business owner with the implementation of an experienced, high-performance sales leader. Each week, your Sales Leader will work with you and your team to improve lead generation, better structure the sales process, leverage sales technologies, create a pipeline model, add accountability, and coach sales reps. You can now access a top-notch sales leader for one-third (1/3) the cost of a below-average sales manager. The SalesQB program streamlines sales management to the vital tasks which allow the SalesQB to spend only one-half to one-full day/week with each SMB.

The Path to Growth

Freeing the SMB owner from sales management tasks

Sales leadership is important, but most business owners do not enjoy it and have better things to do. Most mid-sized businesses have “leakage” in the sales department. That is, they are losing deals, forfeiting margin, and incurring higher costs than they should due to under-management or an under-skilled sales manager. A SalesQB has the requisite skills and toolbox necessary to create more profit from your sales department.

Getting your sales function running smoothing and efficiently

Once your process is fully implemented, you can retain your SalesQB to manage the process or turn it over to one of your people. This process takes time, but the system will become a vital asset to your business. We recommend you retain your SalesQB to coach and manage your staff, but you are free to take the system created and run with it.

Sales Process Design

Improve the performance of new hires and low performers. We help you craft a step-by-step sales system that improves "B" and "C" player performance to be closer to "A" player performance with a system that incorporates the best practices and steps used by the best salespeople. The sales results become more predictable as the process is ‘staged" with quantity and quality of prospects at each stage providing the owner with a sales pipeline that is more accurate.

The "formula" for success becomes tangible, documented actions that will also provide a quicker, lower cost of on-boarding a new salesperson. As well, when a sales person leaves the sales process doesn’t leave with them!

​Sales Best Practice Audit

The Sales Best Practice Audit provides an objective review of all key elements required to align and manage a sales team which results in sales consistency and predictability. The audit requires up to 120 Minutes of the business leader's time to review 35 key areas that are used to build a sales road-map for your business.

PROACT will analyse your sales practices and produce a 100+ page self-actionable report within 10 business days for presentation. A 90 minute review will accompany the delivery of your report which includes benchmarks and recommendations for improvement.

​Additional Services

Sales Talent Assessment

Hire the best candidate the first time or asses your current sales team to improve strategic management and targeted personal and team development.

Journalism Marketing

Creative storytelling delivered through short high-impact videos to enhance lead generation, sales, and branding for products, companies and leaders.

Digital Systems and Supports

Digital Transformation that places the customer at the centre of your business ecosystem. CRM with sales, marketing and back office automation.


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